Blackjack Tournaments

Unibet betting fans know that blackjack is not only one of the most commonly played casino banking games in the world, but it is also one of the most exciting. In the standard game of Blackjack it is a classic case of player versus banker, but throw a competition against other players into the mix, and you have one hell of an event on your hands.

Unibet Blackjack tournaments are fun to play and create an extra dimension to an already wonderful table game. In fact competition is so important to the gambling community that the tournament structure continues to become an increasingly popular format of the game.

When you enter a Blackjack tournament there will often be an entry fee and this fee forms the prize pool. The casino will take their cut and what is left will be divided amongst the winning players. Blackjack tournaments appeal to some gamblers because it minimises the variance i.e. you know how much you are likely to lose before you start playing.

The standard type of tournament is known as the blackjack elimination tournament, and this usually consists of a few rounds with tables of six or more players, with the top two players each going through to the next round. Each round will consist of a certain number of deals and each player will start with the same amount of chips. Once you lose your chips you are out of the game. The players with the top two chip counts go through. This continues until only one-player remains with chips in play and he will receive the prize money.

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